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Materialinformasjon og funksjoner
Single rope
Ice and rock climbing; Sport climbing; Mountaineering; Ski touring
10.2 mm
66 g/m
8.2 kN
Statisk taustrekk:
Andel ytre mat.:
yes; coloured
Complete shield with UIAA Dry
Secure technology; particularly high durability sheath; sheath and core woven together at rope end
The Tendon Hattrick 9.7 C.I.A.P. from the Czech rope specialists at Tendon is a universal single rope. Regardless of whether youre ice climbing, skiing, mountaineering, climbing at the gym or multiple pitches, the Hattrick 9.7 is an excellent choice that will give you the safety and security that other ropes cant. In reference to Tendon ropes, the abbreviation C.I.A.P. means the same thing as Complete Shield and is in accordance with the UIAA requirements for water-resistant ropes. The Tendon Hattrick 9.7 C.I.A.P. is thus an excellent choice for ice climbing and high-altitude mountaineering in icy and snowy conditions. The Complete Shield technology is a complete treatment applied to the sheath and core of the rope using nanotechnology and small Teflon particles. This will protect the rope from moisture and dust, thereby increasing the lifespan of the rope, according to the manufacturer.
Thanks to the Secure Technology and the four-layer sandwich construction, the ropes sheath is particularly durable. Even if the rope gets damaged by sharp rock edges of the like, you should still be able to rappel down to the ground safely.

In order to prevent the sheath becoming separating from the core from frequent rappelling, which often happens with ropes of poorer quality, Tendon connected the core strand of the Hattrick 9.7 C.I.A.P. with the sheath to form a single unit.

In short: Youll be perfectly equipped for your next climbing adventure with the Tendon Hattrick 9.7 C.I.A.P. climbing rope, regardless of whether youre a beginner or professional.
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