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Materialinformasjon og funksjoner
Travel, Mountaineering, Expedition
with display illumination, 2,7" (6,9 cm)
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
198,4 g
with batteries

Works in places your mobile phone can’t - the 2-way satellite messenger, Spot X. The practical communication device doesn’t rely on a functioning mobile phone network but uses satellite reception instead. This makes it a useful companion in remote regions, whether you are trekking in Scandinavia, on outlying Alpine summits or even on expeditions in unexplored areas.

The compact device has a clear screen with an illuminated keyboard. It casing is impact resistant, dust and waterproof in accordance with IP67. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Spot X enables direct communication with any mobile telephone number or email address. You can use your own telephone number so other people can contact you at any time via mobiles or other devices. For the device to function properly, it is important that you have an unobstructed view of the sky!

The messenger has numerous useful functions for emergency situations or for communication far away from civilisation:

  • S.O.S.: Send an S.O.S alarm to the search and rescue services

  • Tracking: Automatically send your position at specified intervals (2.5, 5, 10, 30 or 60 min)

  • OK message: Just one touch of a button and your loved ones know for sure that you are okay

  • Social media updates to keep friends and family up-to-date about your whereabouts

  • An integrated compass and programmable waypoints assist with navigation

  • Important data:

    • Operating temperature: -20 to +60°C

    • Storage temperature: -20 to +60°C

    • Operating height: -100 to +6500 m

    • Impact resistance: MIL-STD-810G for impacts; IP67 for dust

    • Rechargeable battery life: 240 hours (10 days) in continuous 10-minute tracker mode at an operating temperature of 25°C and with a clear 360° view of the sky with no obstructions

    Please note: The satellite messenger requires you to conclude an annual or monthly contract - similar to a mobile phone contract - so there is a running cost. You will not be able to use the device unless you activate it and create a customer account at You will also find current tariff options here.

    Fjellvenn Robert

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    Fjellvenn Robert

    +49 7121/70 12 0

    Man. - fre. kl. 10:00 - 17:00

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