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Materialinformasjon og funksjoner
Mixed climbing, Ice climbing
Heel lever, Wire bail in front
EU 36 - 44
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The Climbing Technology Hyper-Spike is just the thing for ice climbing fans. The 13-point crampons for technical climbing are sold with a mono-point setup (Hook). This makes them suitable for high-altitude mountaineering, various steep ice walls, mixed climbing and dry-tooling. The front is designed with interchangeable front points depending on the area of use and how hard or brittle the ice is.

The hardened steel structure with an easily adjustable bar is slightly bent in order to allow for a better fit with the sole of your boots. In addition to the interchangeable front points, there's something unique about the other points as well! The toothed second row of front points are made to stick to any edge in any direction so that you will have the support you need! This is great for icefalls, ridges and mixed routes. The other pairs of points are also designed in such a way as to provide excellent lateral and heel support. The Climbing Technology Hyper-Spike Crampons probably have the most bite of any on the market, so be careful! You wouldn't want to step on your rope with these puppies! You can combine the mono-point with sharper points like the Blade or the wider, flatter Eagle for which there is a specific mount.

The possible configurations are as follows:

1) Hook: an additional mono-point that transforms the crampon into a 14-point crampon. The dual Hook drives into hard ice as if it were butter. Plus, it is equipped to deal with even the slightest unevenness in the rock.

2) Hook with Blade: The Blade is mounted onto the crampon next to the Hook. This allows for more bite when your feet are at a slant as a result of the terrain. Thus, the slightest unevenness in the terrain will result in your having excellent stability!

3) Hook with Eagle: From above, the Eagle looks like the beak of an eagle. The Eagle point is mounted next to the Hook and will give you more lift on snow-covered couloirs, technical mixed routes and snowy mixed steep slopes.

The Climbing Technology Hyper-Spike Crampon boasts a lot of other practical features, such as rapid size adjustment system with a double lever and the exchangeable anti-balling plates. If you love to climb the hardest ice walls, ice falls, steep couloirs and gullies, you'll absolutely love the versatility of these technical crampons.

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